The Business

C Maclean and Associates was founded in late 2012 as a financial services consultant.
We focus on two elements, Human Resourcing and Risk consultancy. Within the recruiting business we are focused on senior management functions within Hedge Funds and Asset Managers as well as senior financial services human resourcing for Banks. The Risk consultancy business is based on a very similar if not identical client base. We currently work with a best of breed risk provider. Their aim is to enhance transparency, evaluate risk and guide transactional efficiency.

Geographically we have offices in London and Singapore. We have a team of four. Two based in the UK , one in Singapore with the founder, Charlie Maclean covering both geographies.

The plan in 2014 is to acquire one more member of staff in Singapore on the research/ execution side of the recruiting business. This will be to support the origination function and the clients we are working with currently. We will stay very focused on Asian trading and sales as well as Asia and UK based Prime related activities. Candidates will continue to be sourced globally.

We will also stay very focused in respect to Clients. Our value proposition to clients is that we have a huge depth of knowledge and real experience in recruiting best of breed gained while working within the Global Asset Management business. As an MD level banker with a career in working with Hedge Fund clients whilst banking, as well as the in depth knowledge of the Prime Brokerage business we feel we have the experience to deliver for clients

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We have completed assignments since launch in January 2013. We believe that descretion is critical within our business so will not publish information on clients or candidate placement. We do though with client concent list press releases currently in public domaine. We have completed assignments for Banks, an Asset Managers as well as a Hedge Fund advisory firm in the first half of 2013. We continue to work with our client and are currently working on 5 major mandates.

We have current mandates for Investment banks, a hedge fund, a financial Inter-bank dealer as well as an investment manager. We plan to continue to work with the firms we have done and may add Hedge fund clients within certain strategies.

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We will also stay very focused in respect to Clients. Our value proposition to clients is that we have a huge depth of knowledge and real experience in recruiting best of breed gained while working within the Global Investment Banking business. We will only work for a very few clients.

C Maclean & Associates (CMACA) is bespoke financial service front office HR Constancy firm.

After years working in London and Singapore within the Prime Brokerage area and with an in depth knowledge of building teams in Asia and the UK, our edge is that we have the experience to do this locally in both locations.

In terms of areas of expertise;

  • Trading and Sales in Fixed Income.
  • All Prime Services related Front office roles.
  • Portfolio Management with Hedge funds and Asset managers
  • Hedge Fund Sales & marketing/Asset management Sales & Marketing
  • Hedge Fund management functions
  • Asset Management Marketing and Sales

When I first arrived in Asia I had to build a high quality Prime Brokerage team very quickly. After years in the UK I assumed the recruitment consultancy firms to be similar in their ability to assist. Instantly there were two observations. Firstly , the recruitment consultants locally were way less experiences and knowledgable compared to their western counterparts, and secondly, there just was no depth in terms of talent locally (Across Asia).

So in late early 2010 I first pondered the concept of starting a recruitment business focused on the SE Asian markets (Singapore based). As I had discovered , the shortage of local talent (20 years of markets experience) didn't exist. I realized that to be effective and to deliver I would need an office in London as well as Singapore. This would principle be to source candidates.

In 2012 I left Barclays after a fantastic and life changing 15 years. A fantastic firm which when I started was really quite small uk boutique to a major global investment bank today. An incredible story I was lucky enough to witness first hand.

C Maclean & Associates

With the above experience and observations, I launched CMACA.

We focus on asset management related business's within SE Asia. We specialist in prime brokerage related activities on either side of the transaction , I.e the prime brokers or the asset managers and hedge funds using the prime brokers.

CMACA has been active in hiring in Asia and London prime brokerage personnel, asset management as well as brokerage professionals for firms committed to building into the SE Asian markets.