How we work

CMACA Process

The Plan

Build an Asian focused recruitment boutique working with the premier firms within Asset Management and Prime Brokerage who are committed to building within the region.

CMACA will also work within the same client segment based in London.


We are quite selective. Small and select group of banks, brokers, asset mangers and hedge funds.

CMACA is currently working with 2 FTSE 100, 2 FTSE 250 companies, three of the worlds top 20 Hedge funds, as well as three regional players in the financial services arena.

Area of expertise


  • Trading and Sales in Fixed Income
  • All Prime Services related Front office roles
  • Portfolio Management with Hedge funds and Asset managers
  • Hedge Fund Sales & marketing
  • Asset management Sales & Marketing
  • Hedge Fund management functions.


Sourced globally.


After 25 years in the business and huge amount of hours conducting interviews and executing the recruitment process on behalf of Investment banks, we feel we have certain amounts of experience in this critical process.  We are a consultant , candidates are our lifeline. We are never going to be anything other than honest, discrete and consistent with every candidate we interact with. We are focused on roles in Asia and London but do believe there is a huge talent base in the west that we would be delighted to source. Our process is to offer a very in depth global approach to mapping and short list creation. All this is shared with clients on a consultative basis from day one.

We have offices in Singapore and the UK.


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