Consultancy Mandate

C Maclean & Associates are currently retained by a market leading specialist in data driven reporting, enhancing transparency, evaluating risk and guiding transactional efficiency. Our client provides hedge funds and Asset Managers with data-driven consolidated reporting solutions that deliver quantifiable results into prime brokerage financing.

We work with our client in the UK and focus on the multi-prime managers segment with a suite of intuitive tools that keeps client data secure, as well as making it possible to substantially improve day-to-day fund performance, minimize risks, and unearth valuable insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

With a seamless solution that sharpens awareness, our client puts asset managers in a better position to monitor both structural and variable costs while simultaneously strengthening the broker relationships that truly impact success.

The result is a fundamentally different type of decision making that radically outperforms past paradigms, cuts through operational complexity, mitigates counterparty risk, and generates real and lasting alpha.

The firm we have chosen to work with reports on well over $100 billion in global AUM and provides operational solutions to some of the world’s prominent hedge funds.

For detailed information please do not hesitate to contact Charlie Maclean directly.